$AMC Haha. It's the same script over and over again. But yeah, think of this, it runs up to $72 very fast (to catch new bagholders), now they mash down, it is at $44, frustrate new bagholders, cause anxiety with the traders that saw their profits at $72 reduced significantly (but STILL in profits). But what WE don't realize that if WE never hit $72 and the $60s so fast, there wouldn't be so many frustrated people. It was a TEASE. DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED. THEY STILL NEED TO COVER. Now with this price action, there is a new comparable, the almighty $72, which makes $44 so low and disgusting to be at to the frustrated traders and BEARS WILL capitalize off this. This stock one month ago was stuck in $10-$14 FOR AN ETERNITY, moving like a penny stock. It's $44 NOW. We would have been content with the $44s and working our way up if we never saw those high numbers flash so quickly.