$QQQ Tech continuing to hold above the 20 sma bb basis with the 26 period ichimoku baseline today it made low at 328.28 on the daily but was quickly bought up on above average volume, tech has major resistance at 334 and 342, tech has pretty much respected the 20 sma on the weekly time frame while dipping at times below it to test that 26 period ichimoku baseline, today on the dip tech closed on both those support areas above both 26 baseline and 20 sma bb basis, this shows that the uptrend is intact, what is required now is that volume must continue to grow to confirm the uptrend or else we can see tech breaking these areas to create new lows. My target in mind remains a retest of 335 above that 342.01 seeing the above average daily volume bar compared to the last few trading days gives confirmation that buyers may be entering the market enough to get tech out the range we have traded in (331-335) $DIA $SPY