$VERB i think its great that u share this conference. Over the weekend i found it on here. Its definitely a must listen and share. Especially the question about revenue guidance. Ceo goes into if $MSFT puts verbmail or another product onto enterprise 365 subscription that he would have no way to guess how much revenue that verb could do off that. The ceo is right it could hundreds of millions over night. I compare Verb to a bio stock that its about to get its drug for cancer approved, has partnerships with big pharma with excellent clinical trials.
$VERB sorry I keep posting this just trying to show as many eyes as possible For my investors holding mid to long-term or even those new to the ticker you can replay July 14 conference meeting here if you missed it. CEO states no additional funding needed since they raised 15 million months ago. Potential 3-4 more “blockbuster” products to drop this year. Inability to speak further on government/military or further google potential to to material non-public information. Gmail is on deck and in the works. Q&A is from 19 min mark and on. Give it a watch to see total future potential. Go long cheers y’all 🤙🏽 webcaster4.com/Player/Index...
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