$VERB ok i got 91,360 shares. I had my last 10k for today at 2.73 and left without me. I was gonna chase but then i thought the 50k sell at 2.76 wouldve stopped the rally. But it wasnt there. The guy was using it to force it down but my friends had over a million shares bid for at 2.70 so i think they saw that. But i dont know if anyone can see knight dark pool services? Anyway ill be here i want another 100k -200k my buddies want a few million we dont chase but if u wanna scaredly sell to us great. See u 5
@Tru254 @valuationgman i got a group of 15 friends my 1 friend is up to 800k shares!!! His cost is like 2.65 so he is even up in his position. Another dude got like 300k another dude 250k. And we are taking not even 1% of our portfolios. So we going to another 5mm shares atleast as a group
@valuationgman @Tru254 i am bidding for 5k every 5 cents starting at 2.73? Something like that. They use knite dark pool. I dont know if shorts can see that? Or anybody can but they are bidding for a million shares as a group at 2.70 then another million at 2.5. We are all ex or present day investment bankers traders or pm's. We spoke to hi level people at msft and crm about verb we spome we with people verb their vendors their landords, former and present day employees we did rounds of channel checks. Think we have 200 years of investment experience between us and we love verb. The last stock we hot behind like this well was $ALF 3 to 20 so we had to take profits. But the last stock we did this type of due diligence on was $TWLO at 25 bucks in 2017 or 18. Idk.