$VERB stop. If u dont know whats going on then why talk? Watching shark tank the guy has this bullshit idea to take dog pictures. Its a tennis ball that sticks out from the phone. The sharks start ragging on the idea. The guy starts breaking down & crying. He wants people to be connected w/their dog blah blah.. Damon says my dog just died & i had no pictures. The guy stops crying. Damon says 100 grand for 33 1/3%. The guy goes can i see what the other sharks think? What a pos. I turned it off bc i can't watch awkward moments like thats. Mark said i wouldnt do that. The other sharks saying I'm out as i was changing channels. What would u say if u were damon? I would say gtfoh. I share my dog dies & gonna give u deal. u want to negotiate for this bs. We'll heres your negotiation, Get the fck outta here I told u daddy is here now. I am not gonna let anything hurt u.