$VERB this is from Q1 or Q2. I know its before verb signed 850k potential users for verblive Being the contracts were signed during Q3 they will have some revenue in Q3 but we wont get an entire normalized quarter until Q4, Q1...but analyst will see the growth and so will the market 850,000,000 employees signed receiving the crm free from their company but must pay $10/ month for Verblive . so to model that revenue u would go with 10%- 20%, to be ultra conservative. But i want to show what full adoption looks like 850k*$10×12= $102,000,000 /yr $102mm for the year with full adoption of the 2 contracts sign in august. Oh my god. Without the mall verb can be a 50 buck stock without the mall. Again the revenue would start until Q4. So what big institutions accumulate and shorts short it until then? Idk. I can tell when verbs mall launches the stock goes thru the roof