$DMRC twitter.com/pepsicoeu/statu... I like this one... Pepsi AGAIN... but this time a slightly different them... Not sure if its even intentional :) but rather than their video... its a picture showing 'what you see' (ie without barcodes)... interesting to see if we will get multiple tweets of stills of that video... what you see, what sorting sees (with all the barcodes).... Pepsi is pushing out a message per day... I'm curious what Coke might think of that :) Also a proud member (but yet to tweet endorsement yet) :)
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@EquiStar I didn't know anyone was more than early in recycling other than P&G specifically... i guess we've seen some cheerios boxes enabled in the wild too from brands generally... Pep said hadn't even picked their products yet, but have posted in social media each day :) Has a marketing theme... a formal PR... hopefully coke is watching :)