$JWN Until there's a real apocalypse people will shop, dine and travel. I personally have never bought apparel from Amazon, Target and ilk. seriously, those are back to school goto stores. Don't even mix them together. Nordstrom is in its own league, and it was nothing short of a genius move to invest in The Rack. With aggressive Omni Channel promotion I bet my ass their online sales is going to go through the roof the next quarter. Also, their dividend yield is absolutely stupendous, one of the highest in the market. Only a matter of time they resume it and this will catapult to stratosphere. Nevertheless, covid is a reality and it did whack the world high and dry, but its just a matter of time we find the cure and the vaccines. Don't be a petty day trader, that's my advise to you, look at the bigger picture, this is a lifetime opportunity don't squander it invest in your future.
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