$INO been a rough week, but price action today really isn't bad considering the wider market - both on covid stocks as well as nasdaq. I have some thoughts: 1. PR Silence - any way this is influenced / caused by the class action suit from last year because they were dropping vaccine PR and investors got hurt buying at the top? Maybe management learned their lesson and not to jizz too early? 2. Based on the T-Cell response material shared by Vaxart and subsequent spike in their sp, why didn't we see similar increases last week given INO-4800's T-Cell response in phase1? I'm bullish about their Phase 2 results data, unsure of timing and impact. Despite that, I don't envisage mooning any time soon, it's going to be a spike on the news both phase 2 results and phase 3 in china - opportunity for the bag carriers (like me) and then likely back down to a higher supporting level due to the wider covid market. Trust is down also which isn't helping. My position currently down 41%.