$LPTH so are you buy in?? What your opinions about the company itself?
$LPTH Look, I play the OTC markets alot, but I dont come on other stock feeds to pump the plays I do.. LPTH has been getting ALOT of pumpers on here with their OTC stocks. Does not look good for their stock. Looks more like desperation.
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@ldh1201 I play charts and the technical's but, Lightpath has been around for over 3 decades, founded in 1985. Thats a long time. But institutions own over 30% of the stock. Growth progress expectations are rather promising and sales are expected to rise sharply in the coming years. On the chart the stock has been in a very nice uptrend since September 2020. It is approaching the multiple top at the 4.80 area. If it can ever break that, we could possible see well over 5.45 and new 52 week highs. But if it cannot, then it will be back down to support area. Ill be playing it for a .50 to .70 cent gainer.
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