$PFE $DWAC Why did Pfizer SS, Nazi Pharmakia corporation of the Covid Fourth Reich, want 55 years to release the data that would implicate themselves and governments around the world in a massive conspiracy to commit genocide? And why is it being released 55 pages at a time? Because Satan = 55 in gematria, and Pfizer is a Satanic corporation that serves Lucifer. Pfizer cooks their witches brew of snake venom, hydra parasites, nanotechnologies and luciferase, in Ukraine, where the Luciferian cabal is headquartered. Why did they start releasing the data in March 2022. Because March 2022 = 322. Skull and Bones = 322. The Covid vaccine agenda is a Satanic genocide program carried out by the secret societies that control governments behind the scenes, and is designed to help achieve the tenets of the Georgia Guidestones, which were unveiled on 322, 1980.