$MICT I am going to do something here that I did in my other stocks, so if and when the PR is dropped and or event occurs, I will put a check mark beside what I personally am projecting to happen. This is what I believe will occur in less than a year based off research that I’ve done, which enables me to make these educational predictions. Today is July 17th, 2021. I believe that these events will occur sometime before July 17th, 2022 (good and or bad). •Merger or Acquisition (Insurance and or Fintech space) ❌ •Some sort of offering ❌ •More institution/insider buys ❌ •Additional license and or permit(s)❌ •Sell off ❌ •Price target attained of MINIMUM $10.00 (market cap being over $1B)❌ •Broker notes ❌ •Multiple analysts (Buy with pt of $7.00+)❌ •Change of law firm ❌ •Unforeseeable surprise ❌ I will allude back to what I said above. This is what I think MAY happen, not WILL happen. Every time one is completed, I will remove the ❌ and add a ✅. Hope all is well, guys.
@EdanK Etrades ThompsonReuters report not much changes, overall score lowered to 6 but only because price momentum score declined- and that we seen across the board in small cap i think… PT also changed to $6 from $8 but half of this is AI generated anyway not taking too seriously. Still rated a BUY is bottom line