$POWW (part 1) Markets go up, markets go down. Not being patient is the WORST thing you can do. When I started, one of the first stocks I bought just went sideways for a month. Got impatient, and sold- looking for quicker money. While I was tied up in other things, that stock ended up rising. Had I just held, that money would have multiplied 10X in the coming year. I knew the stock was good- I just didn't hold long enough for it to pay off. Exactly what we have here. You might make a few bucks if you can hit a few swing trades, but being long is where this will pay off without 'working' to squeeze out a few bucks. POWW has literally YEARS of virtually guaranteed growth (if there is such a thing). Remember the new facility will triple production when done, and the move towards LE and Military where margins are higher will increase revenue. The GB deal revenues will first hit in Sept's ER. That revenue number will be a huge boost in profits. -cont