$PRVB Need to end the nonsense talk of competition. The PR pretty much uses an in your Face title of CURE but when reading it in its entirety and doing a little dd which many stocktwit posters seem to not do, they state "could hold the potential" yes it could and aliens could arrive and the glaciers could melt anything could happen. They also state it only lasted for a max of 4 months and that was only for a few result, so lets get real and call it what it is. A GREAT pr and nothing that can currently or in 10 years benefit T1 . Maybe in time it will advance who knows. guerillastocktrading.com/gn... Remember for the last 10 + years another possible T1 cure has been announced only to see it fizzle and burn. T1 is not an easy thing to slow down never mind cure. We have no immediate competition. FYI, every drug, every technology and every restaurant will eventually over time have some competition.
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