$RIDE have you ever owned a pickup truck before? have you ever used it for work? how about those MPG when hauling? how about those repair and maintenance costs on a daily driver or fleet vehicle that plays in the mud? the Endurance is more than a just a fancy EV truck with the least amount of moving parts on a motor vehicle. It's a complete solution to all the issues that make pickup trucks such a notorious pain in the ass. And while your neighbor Jim who works at an office might think he looks pretty cool in his big Dodge Ram, the majority of truck owners are private and fleet operators who buy trucks to literally beat the shit out of them as long as they can take it. As the first true AWD pickup truck with an EV skateboard and hub motors practically designed to take a beating, the Endurance is going to be flying off the shelves as fast as Lordstown *cough* I mean Foxconn can make them.