$NIO $CCIV Can we stop comparing Lucid and NIO? Lucid has 0 sales, 0 deliveries, 0 production units... It's a business plan trading at a ridiculous premium. Easy to show a flashy power point presentation, but much harder to execute on actual real growth. When NIO premiered years ago, it popped to around $12 on hype and hope, but quickly came down to $2 when it came to actually delivering. Now it is a solid hyper growth business actually growing real deliveries, production, e-commerce, services, etc... Lucid is similar at this stage to Nikola when it popped from $10 to $90 on false hopes. Thinking the same bubble pop happens to Lucid as well. Short CCIV. Long NIO.
@washskins82 Uh, who isn't up 1000% from last year? Pretty easy to do in a bull market. I want to see the brass nuts guy who thinks shorting $CCIV is a smart move right now. Show a screen cap of your contracts.