$KROEF $KROEF - With regard to KR1's valuation, you cannot just look at the value of their coin holdings. Businesses use their balance sheet assets to produce earnings and the market cap is calculated on multiples of those yearly earnings. KR1 absolutely falls in to this category. On current valuations they are earning minimum $25m in staking revenues per annum. If, as many smart commentators think, BTC, ETH, DOT et al continue to rise, we could easily see that annual earnings figure hit $100m . Let's assume a conservative earnings multiplier of 20 and you get a market cap for KR1 of $2 billion. Ludicrous eh ? Have a look at Argo, which is mentioned all over these boards. At the end of January they had a total of 501 BTC - at todays price of $55,000 and using an asset valuation that gives a market cap of $28 million. Argo's actual market cap is over £1 billion - so people are valuing Argo at 35 times NAV . Sentiment is everything, AIMHO and good luck to all . Stay safe. WeeJack