$IQ What Im pretty sure about is that Im not selling at 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 when there are no stimulus from Chinese gov, a temporary turbulence, macro negative sentiment against Chinese stocks and cry when everything gets to normal and the stock is at double digits. Look at the price history. It ranged between $15-25 for years. Even during COVID it did not go lower than 14 and look what happened right after QE came into play. $NIU dropped -20% on a good ER which does not make any sense. Speaking of IQ. The company is there since 2012. It was the first Chinese drama platform which I used back in 2012 outside China which did not work without VPN. Now it works overseas. The interface is user-friendly, the platform is full of different content, like it or not, the ads between the episodes are not crappy fraud. Increased debt - yes, subs slow-down - yes, net loss - yes, increased number of outstanding shares - yes. But Chinese movie/drama production industry will not stop a bit. TBTF
@RagusDogMack it’s over sold stock, it not valued at right price, even the growth slow down. Once China loose up, they will sky rocket. You want to buy when it goes to 10s? Or 20s? Or you buy low sell high?
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