$CVM Sharing a little something for those CVM bulls and bears who think I must be crazy, lying, or both, when it comes to my put sale practices: Notes: 1. These Y2020 realized gains/losses are from just one account of three fairly similar ones (in terms of my CVM options activity). 2. This DOES NOT constitute investment advice. I know there some novice traders here. If I WAS advising any new options traders, this ISN'T where and how I'd suggest that they begin. (In any case, I'd suggest "paper trading" first.) 3. There are a few calls trades listed, but most are put transactions. 4. I've probably bored a lot of you on this board and others by droning on about "getting paid to wait", "selling puts to acquire shares (at a discount)", etc. Most of these transactions are examples of what I've meant when I said such things. 5. Most of the gains were moved into OTHER investments. I think my CVM position is sufficiently large already. And I'd rather diversify than hedge CVM. @jerchess
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