$AMC Can you all stop worrying about the share dilution!! People saying AMC will go bankrupt if they don’t dilute.. Let me tell you one thing, if Adam Aron agrees to add an additional 500m shares it will be corporate suicide and he knows this. If he fucks over the retail investors that saved his arse, the share price would plummet as we would all just sell. The bad vibes about AMC that would spread all over social media would be catastrophic for the company, let alone the millions of retail investors , their families and friends boycotting AMC. Adam Aron knows all of the above he is not stupid!! At present there is a chance that AMC will become profitable once again, with the help of retail investors not only just buying the stock but actually attending the movies, spreading good vibes about AMC etc If the dilution would happen, AMC would be bankrupt in a year guaranteed!!!! What would you do if you where Adam?? I’m retarded as fuck and even I can work this out !! Buy HODL 🚀🚀