$RKT Just noticed the last 2-hr candle today was poking up beyond the 2-day downtrend in the 2-hr candle run, and the last 2-3 candles seem to be hinting at a curling up. Also noticed the ascending trendline from Oct 1 (immediately after the breakout from $19.90) is intact. It would be supportive to see the 2-hr make the right side of a potential cup - and for the 2-hr to get back above the 8-EMA. CCI/Wm%R are both oversold, the 2-hr RSI is turning up (because the latter part of today), the FULL-STO is oversold and about to cross bullishly and turn up, the only mediocre points is the 2-hr PMO and MFI are meh. I like the green ascending support line off $21.25, the initial retrace low after the break UP from $19.90. Overall the price trend channel from the breakout from two weeks ago today is intact. I'd like to see MORE volume please ;-)
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