$FCEL been back and forth about this one for hours but after deliberation with my team and just analysis, here are my thoughts: Tomorrow makes an effort towards $4.50 but will likely reject. This will cause crack of $4 strong as it’s already overextended. 3.70 will be 1st support. With low volume, will fade below this level and sink fast. 3.60 will be a natural support (with previous year highs in the 3.50 range) and MAY hold with proper volume tomorrow. This could allow for Thursday continuation. I’m bullish long term and bearish short term. This move just wasn’t justified. Now, if there was a news leak (can’t find one) and this move was justified, we are likely seeing a visit of the $5 range. Again, I can’t find news and have been following this stock religiously for 16 months. GLTA
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