$F when professional investors put a fair value on $F they start with this obvious analogy, "if $TSLA is worth (let's say at a discount) $800.00, then $F is worth (at a discount) $75.00. All my tech buddies who love $TSLA are quick to remind me that it's more than an auto manufacturer. Well, no shit and so is $F. $F is just more reasonably priced, has excellent products and has a lot more room to grow. $F is producing great EVs on time with incredible buyer demand! $TSLA has stumbled a number of times, but some investors look the other way, because they are "more than an auto manufacturer". As I said, no shit, but their stumbles are going to cost them. Did anyone notice that $TSLA removed a reference on its website to 2022 as a production date for their Cybertruck?