$INO As a long holder who bought during mid 20s SP and past 6 months been buying 100 to 500 shares here and there as it keeps going down to now. As I look back, I bought it during hype run up. I will keep buying with any free money I have the next 6 months keeps going down more. Nothing Kim said this morning that we already knew. But one comment caught my attention. He talked about potential of INO developing DNA-encoded Monoclonal Antibody not only for treating China virus, but infectious diseases and cancer!! The more I think about it the more INO will have greater revenue stream in future. Why is it big deal I think. Most of INO pipeline need another 3 to 6 years before we see commercialization. Only INO-4800 and VGX-3100 fighting chance within 12 months to 18 months. Monoclonal Antibody will be available sooner than later within 18 months. Revenue stream is guaranteed and increase year in and year out for ever!!! Keep holding dead money till it goes up to $100.
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