$CLSN “Company believes that the OPTIMA Study is WELL POSITIONED for success at the NEXT pre-planned interim efficacy analysis”. Not sure why they would say that unless they strongly believe the data will chin the bar. And, they are seeing the data. This would be trading at $5 if the market thought there was a good chance. Obviously the market must believe the subgroup data was cherry picked and that the increased heating time is making the difference, not Thermodox. However, if it was obvious that was the case based on HR trajectory then why would DMC say continue? None of this makes logical sense. So, that’s why I originally invested along with the OM recomendation. Gen 1 was the cherry on top and supposed to be much more advanced by now. As others have mentioned, the failed Heat Study burned a lot of investors and management has less than zero credibility. Only positive is that if Optima is successful it will be such a surprise it could send this to $10 overnight.
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