$MVIS Food for thought... There's a possible case to make for Amazon being in the lead for acquiring MicroVision. Synergy exists. From a competitive standpoint, Amazon would love sticking it to Microsoft given how JEDI has transpired: cnbc.com/2020/05/08/amazon-... A chance to ultimately control the IP in HoloLens would hold some appeal. A lot of people believe Amazon was in negotiation for an Interactive Display contract with MVIS before COVID delayed it. The price point being $199 as mentioned here on page 12 (along with additional lead up discussion): microvision.gcs-web.com/sta... and absolute synergy with next level Alexa being indicators. LiDar verticals also possibly fit within the Amazon drone strategy industryweek.com/supply-cha... which if successfully implemented becomes broadly marketable under the Amazon brand to other companies (similar to their cloud services) businessinsider.com/drone-d... With strong autonomous auto possibilities as well. Microsoft is not the only player.
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