$MVIS @KungFuKenny10 @wwtech @StoppedOut6 Everything about this supposed Buyout screams Fairy Tale. Right from the moment it was first mentioned by the CEO. Look at the context in which it was brought up. A failing company that was reporting less than half of their expected revenue at the time. Any remaining shareholders would have immediately sold if he didn't conjure up something like that. They then retain a Financial Advising firm who's own members were very skeptical of an acquisition.... think about all the background info they had to give them this opinion? There is SO much out there that shows this is a Pump n Dump and not surprisingly, the ones who do the most pumping, are the ones that are here CONSTANTLY posting lies and half truths. @wwtech is probably the worst one of all with the deception. Be careful my man. He's the one with 17 years of losses in this stock
@tonyg326 @StoppedOut6 @ZgAoB Holy Ship someone here with a brain. Good on you for taking profits. Not even joking about that.... As for the fight picking, I know at this point that's what it seems like but in the beginning you should have seen the grotesque and immature comments I was getting by many of the people you see posting here simply because I had my own point of view. Some people here are too heavily invested and have desperate, selfish motives to pump this stock. Like we are now, had someone chose to discuss my opinion I would have been delighted but now it's past that. I know it's not a good reason or excuse to be confrontational but... I didn't drop the gloves first.
@StoppedOut6 @tonyg326 @ZgAoB 'I didn't drop the gloves first' You started punching people in the face almost immediately upon starting your profile. The phrase for your attempt to deny it now is: pathological liar. It's all right there in your profile. You been a bully from the beginning. Now everyone is pushing back and you're whining. You are a special creature, StoppedUp. Have fun in life.