$ATIG The DD is right there. Simple search can dig up articles from years ago, talking about development of this project. To do something of this magnitude takes timing, planning, and LAWS being changed. Years in the making! The past can give you details about the future. Complexity! I just watched a Man on a live local news feed(June 25) land a Massive Casino deal with land rights with a state government. So the odds tell me his team can file some OTC paperwork. That's why stocks are a risk. You take all the solid info and make a informed decision. Who is DB? Some serious DD will tell you who the man is. Look who surrounds him. Pioneer's of the online gaming industry. But nobody digs deep, nobody looks at the past, but the guys that are ready to invest serious dough in a company. Doesn't matter the number, matters what you consider serious. Positioning. I can care less about TDA also. Doesn't affect me one bit. Good luck to all.