$CODX I have been a long here since January. After reading their 10Q, I am truly disappointed: - Revenue decreased. You don't mention $50M in sales as of mid Q3 and then come with $21M in revenue at the end of the quarter. - Revenue relies on one or two labs (mostly CRL), if one of them decides to change provider, they are done. - No guidance on how to be profitable after Covid-19 emergency. They mention many things, but everything is "we hope", "we will". But no timeline on the liquid biopsy and no information on whether the labs they partnered with will be using their other tests. So far 0 revenue from their other tests. - USA is clearly relying on antigen and antibody tests, they don't give a fuck about accuracy - Vaccine news will keep giving shorts a chance to bring the price lower *I am struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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