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    ryan Joined Apr 11, 2010

    Working full-time, studying part-time to become a full-time trader.


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      2012 SLS Cabrio
      Full Time 15 years option trader
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      It's All About The Options
      Devoted to the study of stock options flow targeting consistent entry and exit that beats the SP 500.
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      Andrew Aziz
      Full time time day trader focusing on US equities. Author of the best selling book "How to Day Trade for a Living". I am the founder of an online educational community for developing traders at
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      Tim Kenner
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      Looking for both value plays and momentum stock plays. Will look at fundamental balnce sheet too for longer-term investments. Gotta stay fluid and flexible in the game.
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      Yun Lin
      Professional trader of 9 years. My posts reflect my opinions only and should not be used for investment advice.
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      Andrew Kreimer
      Algonell is an Algorithmic Trading startup. We use Data Mining and Machine Learning to create superior trading algorithms. We provide Algorithmic Trading for the retail investor.
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      Lord of Trade
      Should I sell or should I hold? If I hold there could be trouble, if I sell, the stock could double. Am I weak or am I bold? Sell or hold. Study charts and please don't pay some penny trader to teach you.
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      ❋ CB-X GUIDED PERFORMANCE ⫶⫶⫶⫶ 2016 = 77 Trades ; 30 Day Hold Avg ; 18% Avg on Alerts ; 13% Avg on Trades ⫶⫶⫶⫶ 2017 = 36 Trades ; 47 Day Hold Avg ; 25% Avg on Alerts ; 21% Avg on Trades ⫶⫶⫶⫶ My Posts while AWESOME are NOT Advice!! ❋
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      Trade Reversal
      23 years studying historical price models. Design Visual Pattern analysis models for Hedge Funds. Opinions are my own, should not be treated as recommendations or financial advice.
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      Goldman Alum
      Valuation Expert, Takeover Specialist Over $100B of M&A deals completed Now retired and trade my own money
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      Jerry Garcia
      I'm here to make supplemental income and provide for my daughter's future education.
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      Hushed idnka
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      Elevated Game
      Elevate your game and join our trading chat at for live day trading, swing, and overnight trading calls. Follow and contact Mr. Sultan @ElevateTrader for details. Try us out for $1 two day trial period!
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      Momentum DayTrader! Working with 15 Year Trader Veteran in Real Time Chatroom. Every Alert is sent out in real time before the move! Come try it for 3 Days FREE! Link Below
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      Jon "BBBD" Murphy
      Momentum Equity Day Trader ... was a DIV guy until Warrior Trading showed me politely that i was a dinosaur!!! I use Suretrader, jump in jump out looking for 10% gains. Believe me, they add up!
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      Afurakan Emporium