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      Alpha Hunter
      Posts are NOT investment advices or stock recommendations. I may or may not have positions in the stock thats mentioned and not mentioned. #macro #probability #cycles #sentiment #behavioraleconomics
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      Ramy Dobia
      New Swing Trader, and Full-time Language Analyst. Twits are INFORMATION ONLY - NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE - I may be buying or selling any stock I discuss at any time Using #UstockTrade & #ThinkOrSwim #TOS
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      Top Stock Alerts
      Top Stock Alerts Over 25 years of trading experience. Focus on momentum stocks, short squeezes, and long term value trading.
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      Stocks Found Early
      Specialist in momentum small cap stocks. Follow for my stocks at earliest notice | Download the algorithm I use:
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      M Godfather
      Momentum Trading Specialist Check out our website for more great calls
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      Mat Trader
      Engineer, six Sigma black belt, entrepreneur and 13 year retail trader. I am passionate about innovation and value creation. I am educating myself to be a better trader every day. I plan is to escape the 8 to 5 and become a venture capitalist.
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      Link in bio! Custom indicators! Live Voice Chat! Entry/Exit Alerts! Join the team to Learn AND Profit! -Penny Stocks, 3x ETFS, Day/Swing Trading, Options, Futures, etc!
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      FonsieTrader Official Account
      DayTrader, Chat Room, Live Trading Stream, Live Charting, Alert Box! Join me, in the @FaisamTrader Program Team #wetryharder
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      Focus: Most profitable risk/reward scenarios, both long and short. MCSE, fmr National IT Manager turned trader. Many claim to be great without making good calls. For my record, check my posts; which are not investment advice. Invest at your own risk.
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      Antonio Costa Official Account
      I am a 43 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      Livevol Community