$IBIO The admiral video I created was release on a Friday morning (4am) and it had 10k views before market open ... how did it do that ? Because you guys shared the fuck out of it everyone on social media ... since then i have made 11 more promo videos ... problem is people are lazy and don’t want to help spread the word relentlessly like they did that Friday morning and following weekend ... it pushed us to hit 7.50 plus .... then dart sold off that we didn’t see coming and been short attacked follow that .... nothing has changed with the company ! No bad news ... you guys want to bring this back up we need new investors ... right now is the perfect time because we established support 1.85 - 2 dollars ... GO share these videos everywhere people should know about ibio
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@iBio_American_Psych0 we need a video gathering all iBio's PARTNERS including PLANET BIOTECHNOLY exclusive license, together with the ADMIRAL , also you can add BILL FLORES visit in the same video👌🏻 Thanks 🌸
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