$CDEV Furnman mentioned a buyout in an earlier post, which some of us have been thinking could now be a real possibility. Another scenario that I've started to think about is a reverse merger between Riverstone Investments and CDEV. Now, most private equity firms are just that...private, but there are some such as Blackstone. A reverse merger with CDEV would let them bypass all of the red tape and difficulties of going public. Im not 100% sure of this, but It seems as though CDEV themselves let the Waterbridge deal fall through. That fact, coupled with the Riverstone/CDEV board of directors connection has my wheels turning on this. They would only need to ensure that CDEV is compliant before the RM happened...seems smooth for both sides...what do you guys think?
@yimmys85 Well, thats a great question. I believe our per share price would relect the valuation of the Riverstone. Its not a take over, its a merger. FYI, Riverstone has a shit ton of money ( billions, although not sure, private Companies dont HAVE to release statements.)