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      ChartMill, the number 1 technical stock screener incl. VWAP, Relative strength and a lot more! Additional tools are added on a regular basis. Made by real traders, used by real traders!
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      Volume Bot
      Volume Bot allows investors to keep track of market maker activity by showing daily short volume (as reported to FINRA). note: short volume is NOT the same as short interest. Always use fundamentals and tech
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      twitter: @Trading_Analyst
      The last trading service you'll ever need.
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      The Options Pros
      Trading Professionals Who Specialize in Live Technical and Swing Trading Alerts Inquires: | | Twitter: OptionsPros
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      Sean D. Emory Official Account
      Sean D. Emory is CIO and Founder of Avory & Co. Avory specializes in discovering and investing in transformative businesses. Sean was recently named the #28 financial Twitter account to follow in 2017 by MarketWatch.
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      HedgeMind Official Account
      HedgeMind is a Place for Investors and Traders to Learn, Leverage, and Profit from Stock Picks of the Wall Street's Best Minds.
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      Trend Following Jay
      Trend following investor. Get free weekly stock picks at my website:
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      Jackson Reid
      Trader since 1998. To make it you need capital, balls, brains, discipline, patience persistence and a high pain threshold. All knowledge has its price.
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      Try not to drop the ball, because I will let you know you dropped it.
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      Greg Feirman Official Account
      Founder & CEO of Top Gun Financial, a hedge fund like Registered Investment Advisor now living in the Bay Area, CA.
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      Completely non-ironic CFA Charterholder and Buyside Research Analyst
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      Howard Lindzon Official Account
      Co-Founder and Chairman of Stocktwits, Founder of Wallstrip (Acquired by CBS); Managing Member of Social Leverage (an early stage fund) ...I have lots of ideas. Toronto boy.
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      Brandon Powers
      Founder and Options Trading Educator @ . Full-time options trader - follow for trade updates and market commentary!
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      The Arora Report
      Nigam Arora is a distinguished master of the financial markets, a popular columnist whose writings have garnered over 50,000,000 page views, an engineer and nuclear physicist, and has founded two Inc. 500 companies and The Arora Report.
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      Feel the theta burn. ­čÄ░
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      Jeff York
      Market timing opportunities for Portfolio Managers, Active Investors and Traders, using multiple Pivot Points. Subscription info @ YouTube Webinar: TwitterID: @Pivotal_Pivots
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      The Options Insider Official Account
      The leading online destination and radio network for options traders.
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      jeffrey pascale
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      Stockrow is a free website for investors offering interactive fundamental charts and historical stock financials.
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      Earnings Whispers Official Account
      Short-term equity trading around earnings based on professional buy and sell-side expectations combined with quantitative studies and technical analysis - on both a top-down and bottom-up basis.