$DBX @NateDogg4eva (just 4 you Dogg) here is the monthly vol analyser snapshot for the entire time it has been listed. the green is so welcoming and meaningful and early for an impending big move - all IMO! i'm not much of a chartist either, i think people get it wrong more time than right, but price analysis i do believe in and has payed off time and time again... my 8 indys keep me straight and totally emotion free and guess free we are all just trying to beat the market from one trade to the next
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@WOLFSTREET @NateDogg4eva "Enjoy" might be pushing it, after all we are talking about gazing at stock charts! :D But I appreciate you sharing your data. I just tend to find more value when I know exactly what the lines & axes represent in a chart graphic. Here's another view I found interesting- the history of Dropbox ( 3/2018 - 5/2020) and how the share price has responded after each earnings date.