$FLDM just letting you all know that I’m still here and holding strong. As far as I see it, this is just a little dip before the rip. I wish this stock hit its target prices fast. But the reality is, this is an earnings play. The lack of guidance in the last ER led to this. It looks like we’re going to get some guidance on the upcoming ER. Just have to weather through the volatility and buy the dips. Shorts are in-control but us Bulls will have our day. I’m sure tutes are manipulating this heavily. They don’t want retail in at these levels. They want you chasing and buying high. Don’t give it to them. Hold hold hold. My daily reminder.
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@Darth___Trader @bman91 this is Q2. assuming we continued at that rate and sold more every month, we can say around 10 million for 3 months that’s 30 million . instrument sales would go higher too. we know that washington by itself bought 4 biomark. i expect instruments to be 20 million. we can be conservative and take off 5-7 million... keep in mind the ceo made a statement about IFC sales ramping up before we got EUA.. so we can only imagine how much more they would’ve made after. also, if you look back at the Q1 guidance, they did not pump. they said they were doing to have a bad quarter. FLDM doesn’t lie. Q3 will be good. i think we will go to $15-20+ (2)
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