$NRXP $RLFTF 11. Seven months later, in October 2021, the pandemic was far from over and the need for a COVID-19 drug was clearly apparent. Relief regretted its abandonment of the project and decided to try to reclaim the benefits of the contract by suing NeuroRx while continuing to withhold payments. Now that NeuroRx had paid for the research and the end of the pandemic appears as distant as ever, Relief decided to pay the victim, suing NeuroRx and its CEO, Jonathan Chaim Javitt (misidentified in Relief’s complaint (Complaint) as Jonathan Cogswell Javitt), for breach of contract and demanding that the contract be enforced so that it can reap the profits expected from commercialization of the drug without paying its own obligations under the contract. From iapps.courts.state.ny.us/ny...