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    Roberto Pedone Joined Apr 19, 2012

    Trendfollower trader (independent), senior contributor for & Chart reading junkie. Pattern recognition chart player. Day/swing trader. Love small caps. Give me a catalyst! Follow me on TWITTER for all posts @zerosum24


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      Joe Bonsignore Official Account
      Director of Advertising Sales for StockTwits and former pro wrestling television announcer...seriously, I was.
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      Entrepreneur. Investor. Advisor. Aspiring Philanthropist. Financial Fitness and Investment Coach. Follow me on:
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      Insider Forms
      One-stop App for all form 4/insider trading activity. Download 'Insider Forms' app from ios app store, for all insider trading information. Receive realtime notifications from app for insider trade/Form 4 activity.
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      iKash iHussey
      I enjoy trading stocks that has #Fundamentally #Technically tolerated. Co-Founder of #Breakoutpotentialstocks . Note: Post are JMO only! DYDD. Thanks.
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      Ace Analyst
      Research. Gain. Repeat. These are my opinions | NOT investment advice
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      Trade Edge
      Trading ideas which let you make money! We are the best out there to finding breakouts! Tweets are for informational purposes only.Not investment advice. Read Disclaimer Before Investing!
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      Trade Reversal
      23 years studying historical price models. Database Visual Design Pattern analysis models for Hedge funds. Patterns that make the most $$. CHAT ROOM. ETF Reversal. Opinions are my own, should not be treated as recommendations or financial advice.
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      Dont follow me- I have no idea what I am doing... :) Instagram - nana6141_
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      Ex Lehman Brothers, Raymond James since 1987 (Yep that crash)
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      Joe McCann
      Founder, @Slingshot_Invst - Biotech focused investor - Former HF Healthcare Analyst - Tweets are my view not a rec. - HQ @WeWork - William & Mary Alum New York / LA / CO
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      ES and derivatives trader. Biotech bull and investor for life. I do it my way. You do it yours. Systemic logic works best. Impracticality is my passion. Spend money, make money, but always make more than you spend. My targets are only for me: GYOT.
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      Dan Zanger Official Account
      World Record Holder Top Swing Trader - Turned $10,775 to over $18,000,000. All posts are done by my protege Randy Opper (CM) who is the moderator of my chat room
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      Olivia T
      I'm an Extreme Speculative Option Trader. Love gambling, losing and winning is all part of life. Regardless of the outcome, life goes on...
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      Lauren Paige
      Entrepreneur, investor, real estate & stock junkie :-)
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      My daily goal: $1000/day profit in the first 2 hours the market is open. I usually only trade stocks under $5, risk only $5000 per trade and end each trading day holding one position...CASH. Click on my website below to learn more!
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      To invest is not to bet, you can try but maybe you'll cry. My opinion is not your decision, choose an option at your own risk and please, don't scream to the screen ... it's not guilty!
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      Daniel Ward, CFA Official Account
      Healthcare investing junkie with experience as prop trader on the Street as well as working in asset management. Specialize in value small cap biotechs. CFA candidate. Personal opinions, not investment advice.
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      OctaFinance is an online financial news portal, as well as a financial intelligence platform for individuals and professionals who specialize in trading and investing.