$LK Luckin will launch subsidiaries and franchises in every nation. Will anhillate Starbucks in all developing nations. Only rich liberals will be left as Starbucks customers. Let's look at the mission "to be a part of everyone's life, beginning with coffee." Coffee is only the beginning. They are already moving to selling various items through the app and many more beverages of all kinds besides coffee only. They will use the mountain of data on customers to be like an $AMZN of sorts, selling based on neighborhoods purchase pattern. 10-year hold here.
@zhj0924 @King_Trev @NoLimits888 @Cob08 @NoLimits888 If I think hard enough I can name hundreds. Also, menu means nothing. They’re a fraud as are many Chinese companies. And in terms of NVAX, not sure why you’d even mention them in that context when you literally have POTUS visiting their facilities tomorrow. Will more likely than not be up big this week with positive news and praise from 🇺🇸 government.