$INTEQ “We’ve tried to establish for the record that the actual value of the spectrum is between $43 billion and $77 billion,” said Dianne VanBeber, vice president for investor relations at Intelsat. “We have a fiduciary duty to our stakeholders and can’t surrender the value of our rights for less than the market value.” A spokesman for the FCC declined to comment." turns up on a yahoo forum [wsj]. could be they discover all anti-shareholder plans so boneheaded that even the seeming 'winners' determine to oppose them. would have been nice while subjected to congressional definitely-not-thuggeries to recall government technically didn't pay anything for the spectrum [rights license assignments] it auctions. &a more optimistic view for shareholders (2yrsago&also from yahoo): "CBA's new approach...is a bit less optimal than their initial proposal of a private auction...bidders will be told that they must commit to paying an additional 100% of their of their winning bids to the CBA..."