$AEMD Today conference call transcript is out. seekingalpha.com/article/43... I enjoy the comprehensive discussion on the coronavirus. Investors should read it to understand where the company stands on the subject. The protocol of the EFS cancer trial is undergoing IRB and related reviews at the trial site. Below copy/paste explains better: From the Q&A section: ===== Thanks, Brian, this is Tim Rodell and thanks for the question. As you know in any clinical trial, you need approval once the FDA has authorized the trial you need approval from at least one local review group, which is an institution review board. But in major academic cancer centers, there frequently is a multi step review process. We are in that process. Fortunately, I've seen actually some major academic centers where you have to go through sequential committee authorizations for up to five or six committees and that's not the case here. I can't give you an exact time frame. =====
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