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This room is dedicated to identifying oversold stock showing signs of reversal based on technicals.

This goal of this room is to help you maneuver through the many thousand stock that exist in the market and choose higher probability winners based on technical indicators, correlation and trend change that will sort out higher probability of reward to risk stock to consider.

Trades based off of these pics will be made after they're found and they will be shared here with the intention of transparency and to track success rates along our trading journey.

This room exists to find stock, not to chase it. The goal is to find the stock before the move, not for you to hope you didn't just buy the top of one.

There is no condoning or suggesting of going all-in on anyting trying to make a fortune in a day. This room is here to help you make more educated decisions regarding trading and to trade with confidence based on that education.

Topics and stocks
Swing Trading, Education, Technicals
This room is dedicated to identifying stock showing signs of reversal based on Technical indicators

Board style room, good for slower pace and deeper discussion. The room type is set by the room moderators.
Be respectful
No politics
No pumping
This room exists for stock market discussion and the sharing of knowledge disrespect to others will not be tolerated.

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