Tak Yeung Joined Aug 02, 2012

long term investor not a trader, china tech sector growth investor.


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    Andrew Lee
    Hedge fund analyst and former sell-side analyst.
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    Peter Ghostine
    Founder of 61point8 LLC. My evidence-driven methodology aims to identify and trade high-probability setups from both the long and short sides of the market.
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    China Stock Research
    China is crazy. Trying to make sense of it from on the ground. US-listed China stock news and info feed. For higher-freq of related China news, check @ChinaStockRsrch on Twitter. 会说中文.
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    Matt Why
    Stock trading is nothing but Supply & Demand. Fundamentals drive technicals but technicals trump fundamentals ... Trade half my account full time, swings and day trades. The other half is in ELTP for a looooong time
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    JXM Financial
    The JXM Database offers a non biased tool that is used to uncover stocks for superior future returns. The database is set up to rank the stocks against each other and the market with the final top ranks representing the best purchase opportunities
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    John Braica
    Investor, inventor, dishwasher, comedian.
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    bill bishop
    china, online media, gaming, financial information, marketwatch, san francisco, beijing, twins, cake. @niubi on twitter