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    Bilo Selhi
    Focused on finding stocks that have potential to double within short term. Mostly day and swing trades. Follow link below to find out why I am consistently ranked in the top 10 and add me to Google+ for details about my premium stock alerts.
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    Mike Vieira
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    Mechanical Engineer in Nuclear Industry. Part-time: Musician & Writer. Invest in value, yield, & a few spec plays. Live at the beach & enjoy boating, scuba, & moon on the water.
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    Stocking TWTR
    Blogging on Twitter Stock with passion and enthusiasm.
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    Mr. A
    Dropout from a Computer Science and a Psychology degree. Worked with reputable tech companies (Fortune 100) since the age of 18. I couldn't imagine to be where I'm at without following "the saying"
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    StockTwits Official Account
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