David Matthews Joined Oct 11, 2013


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    Nuage Trading
    It's simple, we ensure you make more money trading stocks! Come trade with us. You keep 100% of your trading profits, receive 100% of ECN rebates and benefit from VERY LOW per share fee's. Contact us today for more info -
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    Elliott Gue
    Co-Founder and Editor of Capitalist Times and Energy & Income Advisor newsletters. Still the world's leading energy strategist. For analysis and best ideas: and
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    Dji Predictor
    Passionate about using algorithms and statistics to predict which direction the Dow Jones price is going to move each day, Find out more at
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    Options Trader
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    Full-Time Trader
    Learn to trade w/: JB + SNE + SuperMan ||||| Free email lists: JB Links are CASE Sensitive!
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    Real-time Sentiment Analysis and News Analytics on Stocks, Fx, and commodities. Check or { APPS FINSENTS <GO> on Bloomberg for more details.
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    Rasool Cunningham
    I'm the luckiest person in the world! I found trading in a jail cell next to the cell of a convicted embezzeler in a NY state prison. I can truely, truely say trading has changed my life.