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Trading Forex using Fundies, Tech, and Cross Market Analysis.


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    grace slick
    detecting an imbalance results in a call INSTRUMENT VALUE.IDEA Prices will average out! CLOSE+OPEN your position! BUY (far) ABOVE the VALUE AND SELL (far) BELOW the injurious VALUE. The lifetime of the level is up to severall days.
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    Jay Norris
    Trader, Top-selling author of three books on trading, Director of Education at Trading University, and avid fisherman.
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    Laith Marmarchi
    Founder ForexTrading.TV
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    Larry Nard
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    FinancialJuice Official Account - News That Matters - Forex, Futures, Bonds, Stocks, Commodities and Economic News Live
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    What I do is to determine without emotions major turning points and strong trends of major assets that include global indices, equity sector classes, high liquidity stocks, debts & fixed income, commodities and currencies.
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    Sterling Lily
    Contrarian. Buy low, sell high.
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    eFXnews Official Account
    eFXnews enables foreign exchange market players with timely access to key financial reports and analyses.
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    EvilSpeculator is dedicated to identifying trends in the financial markets. To that end, we post market updates several times a week and engage in pertinent discussions. This is an open forum and everyone is invited to participate.
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    Justice "Jack Sparrow" Litle Official Account
    Mercenary Trader: Timely market commentary, valuable resources for current and aspiring traders, awesome interviews and free special reports, high quality materials on the psychology, theory and practice of trading, and more.
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    Jordan Lindsey
    Trade what you see NOT what you expect. Price is everything. Think like a fundamentalist; trade like a technician. No emotions. No guessing. Learn to read the charts and use awesome $ management.
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    grega horvat
    Gregor Horvat, based in Slovenia, has been in the forex markets since 2003. He is a technical analyst and individual trader who has worked for Capital Forex Group and He also is founder of forex services on
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    Steve Ruffley
    Chief Market Strategist at Creator of the best way to chart and learn how to use technical analysis for trading success. Risk disclaimer
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    james altucher Official Account
    I'm devoted to honesty, as corny as that sounds.
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    Dave Budge
    Registered Investment Advisor
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    Michael A. Gayed, CFA
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    Forex Kong
    Forex Kong is the “trade name” I adopted through time spent in the financial blogosphere. I am a professional trader from Canada - living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
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    Adam D. Koos, CFP
    Husband, Father, Market Technician, Work-a-holic, Ohio State Alum, Car Freak, & a huge fan of inappropriate humor.
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    George Hamilton
    And just like that...he reappears.
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    Bill Boynton
    President & CIO at Barmston Capital & Advisors. Manages Private Equity fund. Operational Excellence & Technology advice. Former Pharmaceutical Executive- 31 years. Investor. CCOT.