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    Steven douglas Joined Oct 31, 2012


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      The market is what you make of it. Trade what you know. Recognize patterns, follow trends. Go in direction market takes you. Jesse Livermore Disciple, follower of K.I.S.S. Principle and Brandi Love.
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      Bryon Green
      Watch youtube "Day Trading Strategies (momentum) for beginners: Class 1 of 12". If this helps you, please donate to my paypal account at If you want me to pay you back later, email me the amount you sent and method. Thank you.
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      Sida Lee Walker
      Always looking for the Trenders, Volume Breakouts & Bottom Bouncer.
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      Young, not a genius, stock crazy, broke, want to trade for living, love those guys and gals who loves helping others by sharing their knowledge of wealth....
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      Cameron Fous
      Founder and Portfolio Manager of A real Time Trade Alert service focusing on Swing Trading/Day Trading small to mid caps
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      Brysen Partridge
      I am a full time technical daytrader. Started at the end of 2009, it's been such a blessing to learn so much from so many great people. I am so thankful for all the people that I have been able to meet and continue to meet.
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      Ben A
      DayTrader-Bullish. Custom nightly scans for setups. A distinct intra price pattern for entry-most on 15 minute. One custom TOS intra scan. Simple, Rules, Scale Out, REPEAT. Learn: @bman_alerts @HCPG @danshep55 @speculatore @Sandman7591
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      JOIN FREE TODAY! for forecasts & research reports +Sunday Weekend :Our SRP Swing Trading Service has beat SP 500 6 to 1 since inception. Subscribers in 26 countries!
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      Brennan Basnicki, CFA, CMT Official Account
      Former prop trader, current absolute return analyst, full time student of the markets. Technical, fundamental, global-macro. Comments reflect personal views and not those of any organization I am associated with
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      Drasko Kovrlija Official Account
      Fiduciary advisor. Risk and portfolio manager. Former long/short hedge fund manager. 20 years of market experience. Started career on Wall Street in the heady 1990s. MBA in Finance from NYU Stern. @seeitmarket contributor. Opinions are my own.
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      Tony Lynn
      I am an opportunist, not an investor. Just wait until the chance shows.
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      Best Damm Market Timer Around! Ok so I have had a dog or two in 2012 but 2013 look out.
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      cameron fous
      independant Stock market Teacher/trader
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      Scott Redler Official Account
      Chief Strategist at and T3 Trading Group, frequent guest on CNBC & Bloomberg, dedicated IronMan, devoted Husband & Father.
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      BV Healthcare
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      Arby Trageur
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      Michele Ciani
      Expert stocks trader, trading on technical charts, in-depth studies, analysis and rumors. Focus on Small cap Biotech and new emerging Healthcare company.
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      In And Out
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      Natalie Mueller
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      Ali Meshkati
      I analyze. I invest. I write. Small cap focus. Distressed, restructured, murky opportunities. Intermediate/long-term horizon. T11 Capital Management.