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    Cal Poly Mustang Joined Jul 11, 2012

    I go to Cal Poly. I work full time and am a student full time.


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      Anthony Brown
      Former zookeeper, full-time independent trader. Primarily short time frames, utilizing options to achieve leverage for directional moves.
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      Carol E Wydra
      Advert exec, wrote award winning TV commercials / major agencies NYC, script doctor screenwriter LA. Author. Pianist tackling all Bartok repertoire .Devout retronaut, British film noir academic, Un-Cell phoned. No stock recos. Opinions only.
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      Jesse Felder Official Account
      Formerly Bear Stearns then co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm. Now an independent trader and publisher at The Felder Report.
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      30 year software executive, scientist, consultant who was also a past securities broker/trader. Swing trader, scalper & longer term investor. Looks for stocks that exhibit repeatable behaviors, and value to limit risk with volatility for max gains.
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      Summer Sun
      Interests include tennis, ⛳️golf, downtown skiing, investment research, business and travel. Saving thousands. If you are wondering, hot women know how to trade! Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair, endless summer..
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      Sterling Wolfe
      SEC accredited investor, SEC Registered Large Trader (triggered by having traded over $200 million a month). If you think LTID's and ST are mutually exclusive, don't talk at me, don't talk to me, just block me and save both our time. Thanks. :)
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      Mathematics is the language of nature. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge. Therefore, there are patterns everywhere in nature.
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      Thomas Jefferson
      A simple Virginia farmer and staunch advocate for Reason, Rationality and Independence.
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      Darshil Patel
      21 year old Technical trader focusing on Swing and Momentum Trades. Trade at your own discretion and remember ALWAYS limit your LOSS!
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      Series 7 Series 56 Series 63
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      Scott Cameron
      Trading is a hobby for me right now PERIOD. I took up part time trading to learn it, so I am no one to follow or take advice from. Humility and failure are my biggest successes...
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      Michael Smith
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      Breakout expert with stock options, Creating powerful stock plans that put the odds in your favor I call this(PowerPlanTrades). See my Video on twitter it explains how to become a special follower on PowerPlanTrades easy.
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      Dave Pinke Official Account
      Product Director @ Stocktwits. Formerly Bloomberg. Donald Trump delivers my newspapers in the morning, and I dont even tip him. Brand new Android app out now!
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      Tech stocks all day everyday. Canadian Bank stocks always. Day Trader. Swing Trader. Lock in profits. Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs get slaughtered. Learn it. Live it.
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      Apple Signals
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      Chris Kimble Official Account
      I construct charts to help people capitalize on the excess fear and greed of global investors. My goal: provide research to help investors enlarge their portfolios regardless of market direction. My approach - TBNM or Tops, Bottoms, No Middles