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    Luis Carlos
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    Christopher Vecchio
    Christopher Vecchio is a currency analyst for DailyFX. With a background in political science and law, he focuses on the interrelationships between geopolitical events and macroeconomic trends. http://www.dailyfx.com/page/risk_warning.html
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    Michael Boutros
    Michael Boutros is a Trader / Currency Strategist specializing in FX markets with years of experience on FX Trade Desks. Currently, Michael is a Currency Strategist with DailyFX. Risk Disclaimer: http://goo.gl/CR5SFz
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    StockTwits Official Account
    Welcome to StockTwits, home of the human ticker, real time pulse of markets, and sentiment machine. Use StockTwits to follow your favorite stock, investor or trader and dive deep into open analysis and debate.
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    Claudio López
    Trader profesional, a.f.e Fundación Uned. Trading profesional utilizando los Principios de la Onda de Elliott y herramientas de Fibonacci.
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    Art Vandelay
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    Daniel Hussey
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    Jamie Saettele
    Jamie Saettele, CMT has been an active trader for 8 years, and is currently Senior Technical Strategist at Forex Capital Markets in New York and author of Sentiment in the Forex Market (Wiley Trading).
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    Srini Vasan
    Following Elliott Waves fits my trading style. I prefer to buy corrections after what in Elliott terms is called an impulsive rally speculating on the possibility of market to continue in the direction of the impulsive move.
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    Aidan Chan
    Full-time Trader, Technical Analyst
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    Lewis Jones
    We cover 26 major instruments in the forex, equities indices, bonds and commodities markets around the clock in 4 time frames at ElliottWave-Forecast