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    Brad Otto Joined Aug 07, 2013


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      Cody Hausler
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      Nothing is what it seems, remember that. Life is short, time is luck, make the most of it.
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      We created Trading On The Mark in 2008 to help traders overcome some of the challenges of market analysis and trade execution. If technical analysis and chart geometry appeal to you, then you’re the kind of trader we want to work with.
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      I Follow Only the Best! Waste No Time w/ the Rest. Certainly not a Financial Advisor so my Posts are just my Thoughts and Art Work. Hope you Like my Pretty Pictures! Trade at Your Own Risk. Just Happy to Be Here.
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      Ryan Mallory Official Account
      Real-Time Swing Trades, Day-Trades, Technical Analysis in the SharePlanner Splash Zone w/Real-Time Alerts & Chat Room. Author of the The Part-Time Trader
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      Von Berg Schlitzenheim
      Merchant of Commodities. Building wealth through long term positioning based on macro outlook/horizon. Scaling is my key to entry and exit. Holding: NXO.V FF.V NGE.V MOZ.TO CGC.TO
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      Options Trading Screener to monitor Unusual Options Activity, Institutionals Options Flow and Statistics
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      Silver Surfer Trades
      Founder of - We surf the stock market waves and alert subscribers to $1k profits every single week with daily S&P500 updates. Download our top-rated iTunes trading podcast:
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      Steve Burns Official Account
      Option Trader, Trend Trader, Risk Manager, and author of the New Trader, Rich Trader book series. Helping new traders survive their first year in the market.
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      MTS team Official Account
      Market views by veteran floor traders, sharing market observations. Posts are commentary only; analyze & trade at your own risk! Partners with Yahoo Finance and many others..
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      Antonio Costa
      I am a 42 year old private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in the US stock markets.
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      3X ETF TRADER AND EMINI PLEASE TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Plan is to follow the chart.:) Will post stock set ups as well$$
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      Jon Hayes
      Full-Time Trader|Mentor|Here to help the dedicated|Turned $900-$12k-$73k-$210k Small Account. -Sapphire Membership $25/Mo - Daily Radar List -Platinum Membership $60/Mo - |Chatroom|Lessons|Radar Lists|24/7 Price Point Mentoring. You'll profit!
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      DayTraderParadise is a crowdsourced TA community equipped with our very own trend predicting Momentum Decay Algorithms and Indicators. Join our community and be one of the hundreds of traders whose lives we have changed. Trade Smart, Live Free!
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      Fibonacci Technician
      Charting Fibonacci technicals and trend ideas. DO NOT use my ideas to trade. I do not divulge personal strategies or positions.
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      peter marsella
      After having successfully traded the markets now for about 20 years, and experimented with just about every share trading method there is. I figured maybe, I am finally qualified to help and share with others the experiences I have had.
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      Stage Analysis
      Trading and Investing using Stan Weinstein's Stage Analysis method from his classic book Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets
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      Victor Riesco
      Im a trader from Santiago, Chile. I love the market and I use trends, relative strength, chart patterns and investor sentiment to trade it. I share trade ideas and market analysis. Vice-President of the Chile Chapter of the MTA
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      Semi retired trader Semi professional Know-it-All YOB 1948
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      Jeff York
      Wall Street is the Worlds Largest Casino! My methodology shows portfolio managers, active investors and traders, market timing opportunities using multiple pivot points. YouTube Webinar: TwitterID: @Pivotal_Pivots